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OWN Student Membership gives you access to a limitless library of professional knowledge & wisdom for the 21st century, career & life coaching with change-makers, internship & mentorship opportunities around the APAC and exclusive entry to fireside chats with world leaders.


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#1 Access a limitless library

of content on professional and entrepreneurial wisdom by select few business icons and pathbreaking companies around the APAC.

#2 Build relationships with young change-makers around the APAC

sharing cultural differences and similarities, collaborating on projects and making friends for life.

#3 Discover opportunities

with Fortune 1000 companies, fellowship & mentorship programs and join live events on career, purpose and success.

#4 Receive certifications & Letter of Reference

from fortune 1000 companies in association with OWN Academy and our in-house mentors to add weight to your CV.

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  • You get all the above deliverable included for a flat monthly fee

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$ 150 Monthly
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Are you a student leader or a community change-driver?

If you are a leader in your community and wish to drive change, apply to be an OWN Fellow. OWN Fellowship is designed for grooming the change-makers of today that actively take the ownership & responsibility of making a difference in their immediate surroundings by honing their entrepreneurial skills and mindset. OWN Fellows receive training and opportunities directly from the OWN Academy Asia-Pacific Team.

Eligibility: Have an entrepreneurial knack, you are a multitasker, you are a people person, you are looking to add to your resume

Meet Our Ambassadors

Yui K.

19, Japan

“OWN Academy empowered me to step outside my comfort zone and realize a project that applied all the knowledge I had acquired at school to create real impact.”’

Hasnain J.

18, Pakistan

“From recruiting ambassadors, interviewing professionals, to leading the HR department. Every single opportunity I got was an unforgettable experience.”

Jam L.

19, Philippines

“You are part of that big world you thought you cannot conquer.”

Nayonika V.

17, India

“At OWN Academy, my actions have real-world consequences, I have teammates to fall back on, and my confidence and drive are renewed everyday.”


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